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Three Essay Writing Services that Are Best to Be Avoided

If you're new into the "get someone else to write your essay" thing, then you're probably either too paranoid to trust an online service or you're naive enough to believe that all of those services are equally trustworthy. The truth is, they aren't all like that. While they may not all necessarily be fraud or scam, they don't always cover up your money's worth. Websites which focusing on writing services reviews, such as Top Writing Reviews, can give us an idea of their actual services since they contain genuine feedback from people that were happy (or not so happy) with their product. Here are three websites that didn't fit under the "I'm a happy customer" headline.

1. MasterPaperWriters review

When you see the word "master" on a website's name, you get that thought in your head that says "Hmmm, it says master, they have to know what they're doing." Believe us when we tell you that that is not entirely the truth. Sure, they do offer some pretty nice newcomer discounts, and they do have some pretty impressive-looking testimonials, but wait until you see their final product. Actually, you do not really want to see them. Sure, while the content may not have been disastrous, it wasn't anything extraordinary either. You could have gotten the same result from a cheaper website as well, and at least you would have gotten better customer support.

2. PayForEssay review

Considering that you are "paying for an essay" to get the job done, you would expect to at least receive a properly written paper. Sadly, that is not the case with Many customer reviews say that the final products they have received were full of grammatical errors, odd word choices a broken English phrases - structures which you would not usually find in a paper that was written by a native or an expert in the English language (as they claim they are). Prices are also skyrocketing, and while they claim they start t $12, you'll be asked to pay $23/page for an undergraduate essay - which is almost twice the usual price on the market. They do offer a promo code for first customers, but there are no coupon codes for the returning ones.

3. PrivateWriting review

This writing service has writers who are very courteous and definitely know how to talk with people... but that doesn't change the fact that they aren't exactly good at their job. They seem to be in a continuous struggle with the English language, and all reviews point to the fact that the final product is full of grammar and structural mistakes. Customer support was also of help since they were either nonresponsive or hiding behind technicalities. It's no wonder their rating is so low.

In terms of transactions, these websites are not fraud or scam. However, in terms of product, you can say that you were scammed of a good product that you could have gotten from another service. We suggest that if you want to get a good grade on your paper, you avoid buying it from these three websites.